lowongan Kerja Engineer Terbaru April 2013, PT Enecal Indonesia (SinoPetroleum Technology Inc); Project Engineer

lowongan Kerja Engineer Terbaru April 2013, PT Enecal Indonesia (SinoPetroleum Technology Inc); Project Engineer

PT Enecal Indonesia (SinoPetroleum Technology Inc)
Enecal’s parent Company in China operates under the name of SinoPetroleum Technology Inc (SPT) which is founded in the Year of 1993 and registered in Beijing, China.

SPT is one of the leading privately owned providers of onshore oilfield services in China in terms of revenue. SPT provides high-end oilfield services and products in the areas of well services, drilling services, production services and field services.

SPT has expanded its business internationally, not only in China, but also at the far end, the Kazakhstan Subsidiary and the North America Subsidiary located in Canada for both the international and domestic clients who have expanded their businesses in overseas.

(SPT has successfully operated in lots of complex conditional well at home (in China) and overseas, including acidic gas field over 6000m in depth, high H2S, CO2 which are problems to the World. In some region, the formation pressure might by 120Mpa and have pressure rating reaching 10,000psi with corrosive gas.)

In China, CNPC, SINOPEC and CNOOC are the three major customers of SPT. In the year ended December 31, 2008, SPT, at the Group level, has achieved revenue of approximately S$ 170M.

In supporting its parent’s Company which is a highly professional and comprehensive oilfield service provider, Enecal is intended and positioned to play a fully integrated and complementary role of a regional and gradually and eventually becoming its international headquarter.

Project Engineer
Jakarta Raya

  • The project engineer's task is to manage, coordinate and organize the engineering work for a project or group of projects at one or more locations. In many cases, this involves interacting with and coordinating activities of a multidisciplinary team of engineers and specialists in related disciplines.
  • The project engineer is required to seek and obtain specific highly specialized engineering advice or expertise. The task also involves monitoring the activities of international and local contractors with regard to compliance with design standards, project specifications, schedule targets and quality requirements.
  • The project engineer is expected to be committed to the HSE requirements applicable to the oil and gas industry. The project engineer's task is diverse and also includes' supporting and implementing project engineering and project management systems as well as engaging constructively with regulatory authorities. PE’s have to advice and guide multi-discipline engineering staff, exercise control over manpower and material resources in order to execute the project within budget, schedule, quality and HSE requirements.
  • Shall have proven experience in design, construction and general project engineering of oil and gas facilities, with a sound knowledge of project cost control / planning.
  • Work experience as a single-point responsible project engineer for medium size oil/gas projects with abilities to keep track of a number of unrelated projects running simultaneously, from front end design, detail design to close-out is essential.

  • Min. Bachelor Degree in Petroleum, Mechanical, Process Engineering.
  • Min 3 years of experience in an engineering role for a production company
  • Experience with horizontal development / drilling, multi-stage  fracturing, facilities, completions /workovers
  • Familiarity with et process of developing oil& gas assets from land to marketing
  • Economic thinking capabilities